Welcome to Neo Web 1.0, motherfucker.

Welcome to Etheral Worlds!

I'm mostly using this site to Vibe right now, but it'll also be the best place to find my videos, get updates, and hear about all the random stuff I've been thinking about! Enjoy your stay, have a look around, and check out the links page when you're done :)


Next vids are going to be a while. Got some terrible news from the vet yesterday and, frankly, I'm not dealing with it very well. I'll be back to work as soon as I can.

I'm probably gonna have to start archiving these updates at some point! The diskmag video is underway, I'll be recording the audio tonight and then editing it over the next few days. I'll upload a short snippet of the Sonic video soon, too, just to prove I'm still working on it. ALSO, I got another article/future video in the pipeline!

Whaddya think of the thumbnail? :)

I started editing the Amiga diskmags article and wound up expanding it a great deal. It might end up being my December video, since I think I can get it out much faster than the Sonic one. It'll be short, sweet, and simple; more of a "look at this cool shit I like" than a real deep dive, but it's considerably more in-depth than the article currently is! I will also update the article to reflect the script for those who prefer reading over watching.

Changed the visuals of the site a little. What do you think of the cool gradient?

Launched the god damn site, is what I did! The first article is already up, too, but I'll probably edit it quite heavily in the nights to come; I wrote it in Neocities' code editor while I was formatting the site, lmao. The same subject will also be explored in more depth as a small part of a future video about Amiga aesthetics! Read the article here.

Also, the next video is coming along well but will probably take longer than the Sparkster one did. I'm aiming for mid-December right now and I am VERY excited for you all to see it!

90s Sonic fanfiction, baby, you can't beat it.