Cool stuff!

Just some stuff I like on the internet!

  • Patreon: Give me your fucking money.
  • Lagrange Browser: An easy-to-use GUI client for exploring Geminispace and Gopherspace; two alternative internet protocols for exploring sites (or "capsules") beyond the Web.
  • Telnet BBS Guide: A site that lists Telnet-accessible bulletin board systems you can browse using a terminal program like SyncTERM. Get a small taste of how we connected to other computers at home, before the Internet was available outside of Universities!
  • Large Horse: Large horse.
  • Melonking: Cool as hell website that features some useful webmastery resources and a whole ton of ~ v i b e s ~.
  • Castle Cyberskull: This is what critics think Web 1.0 was like and everyone who isn't boring wishes it was like.
  • Soma FM: Internet radio with a ton of stations covering a ton of genres. The DJs never god-damn miss.
  • Sadgrl Online: One of the founders of the "Yesterweb" movement and provider of useful webmastery tools.
  • VisWorks Portfolio: This is what my website would look like if I had the skills. One day! I'll probably just replicate it in Godot lol.
  • The Mobian Central Library: My favourite Sonic fanfiction site of the 1990s, preserved in its final form.
  • An archive of posts and files saved from old dial-up BBSes and Usenet. It also has a ton of Artscene archives and a ton of DOS and Windows diskmags.
  • Fanlore Wiki: This is THE place to start if you're curious about fandom history and terminology.
  • Lemon Amiga: The Amiga was the best computer ever. Come here for info and community!
  • LGBTQ Game Archive: Early gays in games.
  • pou√ę Excellent resource for demoscene productions, including a large collection of diskmags and music disks.

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